True Weight Loss Story: How Ekta Verma Lost 12 Kgs with Nariyal Pani and Biryani

Ekta Verma is an example of commitment and dedication in her weight loss journey. Here’s her full story, and she also talks about the diet and exercise routine she actually follows.

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different, requiring a lot of effort and dedication over many months to achieve the desired results. In order to be successful, one must always be dedicated to exercise hard and follow a healthy diet plan. Ekta Verma exemplifies this commitment, shedding kilos despite gaping knees and breathing problems. Although losing weight is a gradual process that requires time and unwavering effort, Ekta stuck to her routine, despite any obstacles she encountered. it. contacted her to learn about her workout routine and diet she follows for healthy weight loss. Read his story!



The True Life Story of Ekta Verma

How much did you lose in how many days?

I have lost 12 kilos in terms of weight loss and a total of 10 inches in the last 4 years

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What was your weight loss goal?

During this pandemic, in complete lockdown managing my professional and personal life was a challenge. I gained weight, health problems and depression which later affected me. I realized that in order for the program to continue, I had to be physically and mentally healthy. I decided to improve my overall health, starting mainly with weight loss, which is the key to many health issues.

What was your weight loss diet (what drinks did you have, did you eat fruit etc.) and routine?

The weight loss diet is well designed and prepared by our Founder Trainer and nutritionist Ms. Sonia Bakshi. I would like to say here that food includes many types of daily food that we eat but with a guide of example which food should be eaten for breakfast and dinner. It is very important to follow a healthy diet to lose weight. My diet starts with seeds (chia, flax, quinoa) for breakfast. In addition to this, I have been trying to eat seasonal fruits every day. Lunch is a meal of vegetables and protein, and sometimes carbohydrates. I completely avoid carbonated and artificial drinks and have lemon water, coconut water or green tea. Dinner is always protein or vegetables and I still follow this regime a lot. I stick to eating my last meal at least three hours before bed. Following this method, my digestive system works well, and my body feels lighter and more active.

Have you completely cut out sugar?

Yes, in fact, I have completely reduced my intake of direct sugar. My tea and coffee are always sugar free. Sometimes in certain situations if I have to eat any dessert at all it has to be before 4 in the afternoon. After this, I strictly restrain myself from eating anything sweet.

Have you ever had a cheat meal? If so, then how many times a week? What are your cheat meals?

Yes, I have a cheat meal and of course it’s during the weekend. and I try to get it before sunset. I go for cheat meal is biryani.

What is the one rule you follow to lose weight?

One cardinal rule that I strongly believe in is to never miss a workout. In severe cases, even 20 to 30 minutes of exercise is enough, but one should not run away from the routine as the movement of the body and muscles is very important to burn the calories we eat.

What worked best for you?

What worked well for me was the mentor-mentee relationship. My DTF weight loss journey is incomplete without mentioning my highly talented, intelligent, dedicated and passionate trainer Ms. Rupal Srivastava (Sector-119 DTF). It is very important to understand that everyone has a different body type, metabolism and core strength and what may work for one person may not work for others. Ultimately this leads to dissatisfaction of stress and depression and here Rupal plays an important role. He is always there for guidance and always pushes us out of our comfort zone and gives us our all. With his detailed guidance and regular exercise, I was able to overcome my health problems. Now I can do squats, jumps and push-ups with a lot of core strength. I would like to mention here that I suffer from knee pain, sometimes in the knees and breathing problems. However, my weight loss journey has contributed greatly to my physical, mental and spiritual growth.

One challenge you faced, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I faced was eating the right foods. In order to lose weight, it is very important to eat carefully. Since I work day and night, it is inevitable to follow it completely. Here, Sonia and Rupal have helped me with the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating, tips for changing my diet with healthy alternatives and guidance and weight management and my eating habits.

Is there a weight loss myth you busted during your journey?

The biggest myth is that losing weight is usually a normal process, as some people think. Some days and weeks, a person may lose weight, while other times they may gain a little. This is not a cause for concern. It is normal for the weight to change by a few kilograms. As long as the routine is going down, no matter how much it changes, a person will still be successful in losing weight in the long run.

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